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The Cutlers of Cattaraugus County, New York

This blog covers my search for knives from around the world and discoveries that I have learned while doing research. Also the wonderful people I have encountered while traveling with wonderful stories to share. I have a Cattaraugus knife that has an awl and blde on one end and a wrench on the other. Does any one know the date this was made?

Does anyone know when cattaraugus made filet knifes I have two that look very high quality and completely unused.

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I guess the next most average knife would be a dagger pattern, or half dagger pattern, with similar metallurgy and handle composition between all the M3 and similar knives like the V The Case knife company was relatively close by in Pennsylvania and founded by the Case brothers who had worked at Cattaraugus. But, all of the outside NY companies were rather minor players compared to those in NY.

My take on the matter is that the three layers of steel pommel were chosen to properly balance the blade, putting the center of gravity behind the guard rather than in front. It is not definitively known whether the Q or Q knives were official issue or a substitute official issue, although one guy stated that 1. Despite the identical blade geometries the Case variant goes for a lot more on the market as there are more Case collectors than Cattaraugus collectors.

A more practical option is that if you have a gun in your right hand most people shoot right handed and right eyed then if you need to get your knife you should probably do it with your left hand, but whatever the real reason was it has been lost to history. Regarding the left-hand sheath: There is a great article on the Q in the ? Knife Digest issue. He says that at that time, US Marines were taught to fight with the knife held edge-up.

A left-hand sheath would facilitate such a draw. Like Like. I was issued a Q in in the U.

Cattaraugus Knives

The Western Knife Company, C. Case and Sons, what do these knife companies all have in common? So in order to understand what these four companies all have in common, we have to go back to the very beginning of their stories. So lets begin in when Charles W. Platts emigrated from Sheffield England to America.

R. The profile of terms of all board cookies The Canal Street Cattaraugus Bolster Variations Case Vintage Butcher Knife Micarta New Old Timer Knives Canal.

Tags: and , date , identify , knife , your. Share Tweet. Views: It sure is good to see your typeface, my friend! And, my! What a splendid looking vintage Case XX knife you have found. From your pictures it would appear that the blades are full, or nearly so. And those beautiful yellow I love yellow! At least not on the side that’s showing.

If you plan to carry and use it, then I can see no reason not to buff it up a bit.

date and identify your knife

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A particularly insightful article which I will highlight from is available at the US Militaria Forum. In , it was obvious that the armed forces would swell to unprecedented numbers – with an unprecedented need for edged weapons and knives.

Review Date: 1/24/ The Cattaraugus Q or Quartermaster knife is highly under recognized and under appreciated in the reenactor / living history.

They studied the market to understand the shortcomings of other manufacturers and set a goal to create the highest quality cutlery for their time. To do this, they hired the best craftsmen available from the US and as far away as Germany and England. At that time, their methods were so successful that the company was determined to be the standard by which all other US manufacturers were measured.

The company eventually closed in This Jack knife has a clip and a pen blade, both of which are still sharp. The face of the handle is made from jigged bone, and was meant to imitate genuine stag. It is attached with small brass pins. There is a hairline crack in the bone towards the tip that appears to be from the manufacturer. The back of the knife is a metal blank with the same brass pins, two of which are missing. We are selling vintage items and some degree of weathering is expected and even desired.

Vintage Cattaraugus Bone Stag Jack Knife

Champlin, Little Valley, N. With the tremendous growth of sales and use of frozen foods there has arisen a need for a knife which will out such frozen foods while in the solid state. As is well known foodstuffs when frozen are maintained in the frozen state until ready for use and when in such frozen condition present a hard, solid rock-like body which cannot be cut or penetrated by the ordinary knives of commerce.

For instance, many frozen foods are packaged and contain enough food for several servings and if a fewer number of servings are wanted it is desirable to cut the package while frozen, use the desired amount while maintaining the remainder in its frozen state in a freezer. This cutting operation is not possible with many ordinary knives so that it is necessary either to prepare the whole food unit or to let it thaw and then cut it which is an undesirable practice in many instances for a considerable number of foods should not be re-frozen.

Knife company histories, types of blades and other helpful guides to help The Western Knife Company, C. Platts & Sons Cutlery, Cattaraugus.

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Knife Collecting

WKBW — An inmate used a toothbrush sharpened to form a knife to stab a corrections officer in the head at Wende Correctional Facility Monday afternoon. The attack happened as an officer was searching the inmate’s cell for contraband. As another officer was patting down the inmate, investigators say the inmate stabbed the officer on the left side of the back of his head. The inmate then punched another officer in his body and a third officer in the neck before he broke free and ran across the cell block.

He then grabbed a food cart and garbage can and threw it at officers, state officials said. In total, four officers were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Made in the U.S.A., this Trapper pocket knife is made with Tested Red Bone Handle and Ats Stainless Steel. This new and Cattaraugus Cutlery Co. CASE XX.

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Knife Preservation VS Restoration