Join Today Members Membership Application. Newsletter Newsletter Blog. Contact Us. Many thought it would simply disappear, but morse code, now that it’s being taken up out of interest instead of being a burdensome requirement, is steadily gaining new fans. At the same time, some , Technician licensees without Morse code exam credit acquired HF privileges equivalent to those available to Novice licensees. They can decode the individual letters as well as entire words in their heads as they hear them. Using short hand and Q-signals to speed thing up, some can transmit and receive code at words a minute. Morse Demonstrates the Telegraph. Morse-Vail Telegraph Key. Guglielmo Marconi.

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At first it appeared nearly impossible to do, so I decided to undertake a project that would help us know how old and when our keys were made. After the above dates have been ascertained, other dates were determined by extrapolation of the figures. Remember, these are approximate dates but I feel they are very close. Last Zephyr a Zephyr. Date or Latest Pat.

“It is an honour to have been selected by FLIR for this key program,” said Guillaume Laurin, Chairman of the Management Board of NSE.

Learning the code starting at age 8, I was first licensed in at the age of It’s interesting to note that in recent Hollywood movies when all else fails, communications via traditional International Morse Code still works. Consider such films as: Independence Day, Transformers and perhaps others. This particular key belonged to my grandfather, PhM1c Kenneth J. Buck, Sr.

Built to the most exacting engineering specifications.


I am NOT an expert on these old keys and I am not a collector. However, several things caught my eye about this old Bug:. It works. As soon as I received it, I plugged it into my ham radio station and made a couple of contacts with it — it was already adjusted and worked smoothly. The serial number indicates it was manufactured in

BUGS NOT VIBROPLEX – , NOTE ON THE DATING OF VIBROPLEX BUGS: John Elwood, WW7P has been gathering information.

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My Old Vibroplex Bug

Books and Publications available from Morse Express. For over twenty years this book has been the primary collector’s reference to the semiautomatic keys bugs made the the Vibroplex Company. Wireless Society of Southern Maine CW Page, information on the topic of wireless telegraphy, cw operating, morse code history, telegraph keys, key collecting, code proficiency, learning the morse code, and cw-related links.

Keys such as this often have a device which makes it impossible to activate the key accidentally and you can see this mechanism under the lever. It used a DC voltage to activate the mechanism which made automatic dots.


No, this is not about traumatically removing the doors of parked cars while speeding on your way to the office half an hour late on Monday morning! I want to discuss a code keying method that requires no external power source and no expensive electronic keyers: the side-swiper. This rarely used but very natural-feeling keying technique is rapidly fading from use and is often misunderstood by today’s hams who’ve never seen a genuine J.

I shall just call it a “swiper” as I describe below the technique and equipment needed to try it yourself. First, a bit of history. The early Bunnell model “W” was called the double speed key and was developed to overcome telegrapher’s paralysis or “glass arm” carpal tunnel syndrome according to modern medical parlance. The Bunnell double speed key was patented in 16 years before the emergence of semi-automatic keys and sold until the ‘s.

Bunnell’s sideswiper was operated using a horizontal motion of the hand and arm. It has two fixed contacts– one left and one right. The circuit is closed by moving the lever to the right or left. A repeated rocking motion of the wrist and hand was used to send the dot and dash elements of The code. Genuine Bunnell or other antique sideswipers are somewhat scarce among collectors.

Since the key was not designed to be portable in a manner similar to the bug, but was attached to the operating desk with screws, may have made it unpopular among professional telegraphers. The semi-automatic key bug that could make dots automatically was first patented in and sold to telegraphers c.


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Each plate includes the order number and date, as well as a stamped serial number. Many of the Vibroplex Js used for Signal Corps Morse school training will.

The instruments are in approximate chronological order: Oldest first. He has been able to reconstruct many of the dates of manufacture of the various models of Vibroplex keys which had been lost in the Vibroplex fire. To use this summary, first find the serial number on your Vibroplex. It will be stamped into the label on later models and into the damper or other parts on early models.

Then use this table to find the approximate date of manufacture: Serial Date Serial Date Serial Date , – , – , – Portland ME , – , – , – , – , – , – Mobile, AL Shorting switch on the right side. Traded to K9WDY. It was designed to clip onto a standard straight key. He bought it in from a railroad telegrapher who did not like it. Clem needed a bug that was light weight and very portable. It had to work with ANY straight key, not take up much space and be capable of being quickly disconnected to allow other operators to use the straight key.

But I got my feet wet and you might say I was a Boomer as they called those Telegraphers that moved around and took on the HOT telegraph wire jobs.

Schurr morsetasten Bug, tested by IK0TWN Giovanni